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ProForce Thunder Leather Headgear

Item# Pf-ThunLeatherhd
Regular price: $50.00
Sale price: $41.95

Product Description

Proforce Thunder Leather Headgear

No matter whether youíre doing Mixed martial arts or youíre boxing, it is important that your head is properly covered and padded. The head is one of the most easily damaged parts of the body when you are boxing, as most of the blows tend to land there. It is easy to get a concussion or serious brain damage when youíre into this athletic sport, especially if you donít have the right gear on your head. That is why almost all trainers say that the two most important pieces of equipment to purchase are headgear and gloves.

The ProForce Thunder Leather Headgear is designed by one of the leading manufacturers of sports equipment there is. The Thunder Headgear is created with high density foam which is padded thickly all around the head, covering the temples and side of the head as well as the ears and the sensitive jaw area. There are multiple Velcro closures on the headgear to ensure that the fit will be secure, and the fabrics inside of the gear is made using moisture absorbent fabrics that are great at keeping the sweat from dripping down into your eye. This is high tech piece of equipment that is designed to keep you safe during your sparring.

Also, when doing light or heavy sparring make sure to always wear a mouth guard. We suggest the Shock Doctor Gel Max mouth guard.

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