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The Kama is a weapon that originated in Japan. It resembles a scythe, a tool used for cutting long grass and crops. The kama is generally used to get students familiar with bladed weapons as well as to help with two-handed coordination. Reflexes and speed are heightened when using the kama. The blades are most commonly used in competition and demonstration to improve blocking and countering techniques.

Wooden Practice Kama  - Pair
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Sale price: $18.95
Natural Competition Kamas
Regular price: $29.95
Sale price: $21.95
Black Studded Competition Kamas
Regular price: $29.95
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Foam Blade Kamas
Regular price: $18.00
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G-force Alien Competition kama
Regular price: $100.00
Sale price: $92.95
G-force Switchblade Kama
Regular price: $120.00
Sale price: $112.95
Octagon Sai - Black or Chrome
Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $49.99
Rubber Sai
Regular price: $20.00
Sale price: $16.95
Demonstration Sai
Regular price: $42.00
Sale price: $34.95

The sai is a long, unsharpened blade with two, unsharpened projections that are attached to the handle. Because a sai can be handled a variety of different ways, it can be a lethal, or non-lethal tool. It is extremely effective in stopping sharp bladed weapons, such as swords. Traditionally sai’s were carried in three’s, two at the side and one tucked in the back, in case one sai was disarmed. Because of the versatility of this weapon, it makes for both an excellent offensive and defensive weapon


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